Inka Shade News

"I honestly smile every time I see mine whether the light is on or off because I’m just so pleased with how it turned out and proud of how lovely it looks. They’re a bit addictive too, now I’ve done one I keep looking at the other designs and thinking about how good they’d look in all of the rooms in my flat and even as gifts for people!" – Lucy Fyles, Colouring in the Midst of Madness See the full review, here.  

"If you have a coloring fan in your life I highly recommend getting one of these for them or yourself! It was fun to pick the colors and then see the light shining through your work! I rate these a 10!" – Michelle Fogleman Culler See the video and review, here.

"Inka Shade is Amazing! What a wonderful concept! ...Once I had the shade colored, assembly was very simple, it took about 10 minutes total.... I fell in love with this lamp the moment I turned it on! It's the perfect light to draw (or color) by! I seriously would put one (or two) of these in every room of my home if I could!" – Tabbitha Barnett See the full review, here. 

"Very easy to color, it's got tiny details in the image but with markers it was easy to get to them all. I absolutely love this! With Christmas coming this would make a great gift for the enthusiastic colorist on your Christmas list or as a gift for yourself! I would rate this a 10 out of 10!" – Cindy Howard  See the slide show and review, here. 

Anne Manera hosted a color along event with one of Kimberley Garvey's pedestal shade designs. Kimberley joined us during the event to talk about her designs with Inka Shade. This video shows Anne coloring the design with crayons, then assembling the kit into a completed lamp. Watch the Color Along Video