Assembly and Care

Caring for your Inka Shade

Color your design with Markers or Crayons.
Use test sheet to test colors before coloring your Inka Shade.
Do not get shade coating wet.
Do not wipe moisture from shade coating. Blot or allow to air dry.
Dust with clean, dry cloth only.

Assemble your Inka Shade 

Velcro Hook 
After you’ve colored your Inka Shade. Peel and stick the Velcro hook (picky) to the front, right edge. Trim as needed.

Velcro Hook

Velcro Loop
Peel and stick the Velcro loop (soft) to the back, right edge. Trim as needed.

Velcro Loop

Rubber Strip
Gently pull the rubber strips apart along the center to separate. Peel and stick to the top and bottom edge on the back side. Do not stretch. Trim as needed.

Rubber StripSplitting Rubber Strip


Drum Shade Assembly Video


Assemble the Rings
Laying your Inka Shade face down, place bottom ring in the groove of the rubber strip, wrap the shade around the ring and close the Velcro. Repeat this process for the opposite ring. Tighten the Velcro as needed at the rings, then straighten the Velcro along the seam by running your finger between the Velcro strips.  

Inka Shade Ring Installation



Attaching drum rings video

Assemble the Lamp
Remove lock nut from lamp socket, place socket though the ring and secure with lock nut.

Use 60w max bulb. LED daylight for best color rendition.

Inka Shade Lamp Assembly

Warning: due to risk of electric shock; unplug while assembling.


Attaching lamp cord video

Inka Shade designs are printed using environmentally friendly, non-toxic inks and emit no voc’s.